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NEUROGAN's Danish heritage is deeply ingrained in every aspect of what we do. Each Neurogan product is simple, with wholesome and straightforward ingredients, much like the honest Scandinavian disposition. Intended to calm the mind & body, hemp helps us to share our Danish tradition of, “hygge” - helping people around the world find balance and enjoyment in the simple things in life.

No greenhouses. No GMOs. Just pure, all-natural, full-spectrum hemp. Grown exclusively outdoors, our hemp plants sprout from nutrient-rich Scandinavian soil in the Danish countryside. We offer a whole-plant product, which includes the over 100 different strains of healing properties that are not typically present in regular CBD. Why choose one strain when you can have them all?

Neurogan features potent and powerful products to provide wellness from the inside out for humans & their beloved four-legged friends. Our priority is to deliver a high grade, unrivaled hemp product containing all of the healing whole-plant properties that come straight from nature. With the integrity of a full-spectrum product, we are confident that Neurogan can provide the most awe-inspiring wellness that hemp has to offer.