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Hair Thinning Solutions with Trioxidil®

Modern Science for Better Hair

Designed with purity and potency, the advanced science and technology behind FOLIGAIN® products provides effective solutions for thicker-looking hair and rejuvenation for both men and women. We offer a complete set of high quality minoxidil formulas (available for export only), Trioxidil® Triple Action Solutions, and convenient supplements for truly visible hair care results.

Breakthrough Trioxidil® Formulas, Only from FOLIGAIN®

Only FOLIGAIN® contains Trioxidil®, a triple action nutrient complex developed by a team of hair care experts, with natural, bioactive ingredients clinically proven to support less hair loss* and scalp health. Grow your confidence back!


Trioxidil® was developed and perfected by the experts at FOLIGAIN® to infuse hair and scalp with key nutrients and botanicals for healthier-looking, thicker-looking hair. Trioxidil® is enhanced with a proprietary moisture barrier technology that locks in the key bioactive ingredients to support efficacy and retain skin moisture.