Born in 2013, Award Winning Babylabs® is Nature Approved family Wellness for your little one’s delicate needs. We’re proud to provide the very best from Mother Nature to families around the world.


Babies require extra special care to keep them safe, happy and healthy. Each Babylabs® product is crafted with care and formulated with the highest standard of gentle, natural ingredients to pamper even the most sensitive skin.


Our products are made with wholesome and organic ingredients like moisturizing avocado and coconut oils, skin-protective beeswax, and soothing herbal extracts, such as chamomile, lavender and rosemary to naturally care for precious skin.


Babylabs® is proudly & always: Certified Organic, Natural, Safe, Non-GMO & Cruelty Free. All our products are formulated and crafted in a USDA Certified Organic Facility.

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