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Brands You Can Trust

Founded in 2001, WR Group has enriched the lives of consumers around the world and stood as a leader in health and wellness by introducing innovative products and solutions to the marketplace. Our extensive brand portfolio includes over 1000 products and 18 unique brands, which we distribute throughout the United States and more than 50 countries worldwide.



Our brands are trusted by millions of consumers that have grown to become loyal, repeat purchasers of our products. We are committed to consistently offering the highest-quality products. 

WR Group is an extremely efficient vendor partner due to our wide selection of products across multiple health & wellness categories including diet, nutrition, vitamins, whole food powders and juices, aromatherapy, beauty, pet care, baby care, oral care and overall personal wellness categories. We ship our 18 diverse brands to distributors and retailers globally.


Our Vision

We are always actively researching the latest innovations, in-demand ingredients and products to add to our consumer product goods portfolio to assure our clients and consumers have the most advanced offerings available in the marketplace.

We aim to build the lifetime loyalty of our clients & customers by improving the lives of families through our innovative products & high-quality services & solutions.


Explore Our Brands

We designed our 18 uniquely high-quality brands with a focus on delivering the cleanest and most effective products available. You will find that within the fastest growing health & wellness categories we have offerings that include high-demand products that are natural, organic, raw and/or free from formulations. Our brands cover all of the personal care categories your family needs to live a health & wellness lifestyle.

WR Group always provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers that exemplifies our belief in premium quality products, and ensures that customers buy our brands with confidence every time.